5 Sure Ways To Accomplish Little

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Trust me on this one. Follow these five tips and I can ensure you will have a harder time managing your medical practice. Money back guarantee! 1 - DONT WRITE GOALS DOWN It's far better to think about your goals on the drive to work in the morning and then forget them two days letter. Who wants to keep track of stressful things anyway? Besides, you'll only be disappointed 6-months from now when you discover you've only accomplished 4 out of … [Read more...]

10 CPT Codes You’re Most Likely Under-utilizing

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I found myself sitting next to four pediatricians during the hospital's pediatric departmental meeting. The four docs were engaged in conversation by the time I sat down at the round table. They were talking about coding. Specifically about 99213 and 99214. "Do any of you bill level 4s?" asked the one sitting across me. " I can't remember the last time I coded a level 4. I just don't have that many emergencies," replied the doc next to … [Read more...]

A Vital Aspect Of A Medical Practice That Practice Managers Cannot Afford To Overlook

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When we talk about managing our practices more efficiently, we think about negotiating with insurance companies, proper coding, practice financials, revenue per visit, E&M code distributions and a bunch of other objective things. I find it interesting, however, that we put so much focus on maximizing revenue and minimizing cost, but ignore a topic that far consumes our time. And arguably is more important to the "health" of a pediatric … [Read more...]

23 Questions To Ask Before Creating A Finacial Policy For Your Medical Practice

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Written by guest blogger, Mary Pat Whaley Your financial policy is your roadmap and will determine how the practice will handle the collection of patient balances. The financial policy is the document your practice will come back to time and time again. If a question arises, ask “What does our Financial Policy say?"Publish it electronically on your website and physically in new patient packets and have your patients sign it and keep a copy of … [Read more...]

10 Signs You Are An Over Stressed Medical Practice Administrator

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I ran across this list a long time ago. So long ago, that I don't remember where I found it.  I can't take credit for all of them, but some are originals. Feel free to add your own. Enjoy! 1. You haven't booked your vacation yet because you are waiting to fill out a prior-authorization form. 2. You insist on setting an example so you schedule time with your friends and family in 10 - 15 min increments depending on the reason for the … [Read more...]

6 Simple Questions That Will Help You Understand Employee Satisfaction

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We naturally assume we provide great work environments for our employees. I'm guessing most of us do anyway.  If asked, I'd bet most of you would say, with exception of one or two, most employees in my practice are happy with their employment. But can we be certain of this assumption?  If you want to put your assumptions to the challenge (and you are brave enough to receive the feedback) consider asking employees … [Read more...]

Can A Mechanic Shop Teach Us Anything About Managing A Pediatric Practice?

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I took my car in for alignment the other day. As I was waiting for the car, I thought about why the car needed alignment in the first place. If the car's tires were aligned once, why the need for realignment? My guess is that the car gets misaligned when something happens to it. For example, the car is jolted by a pot hole. I guessed road conditions, weather, vibrations or simply usage tend to mis-align a vehicle as … [Read more...]

Embrace Change And Transform Your Medical Practice

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In medicine, spontaneous change isn't encouraged. And for good reason. Life is at stake. Change is only encouraged when there has been plenty of scientific evidence to support the change. When it comes to changes as it relates to the business side of medical practices, many adopt the same posture that is common on the medicine side. For example, new AAP recommendations/guidelines, treatments, screenings, clinical … [Read more...]

Do You Know About The Section On Administration and Practice Management ?

You know that feeling you get when you visit a great restaurant, vacation at an awesome resort or perhaps see a great stage show and you can't help but to tell everybody you encounter they have to check it out too? I get that feeling with SOAPM.    I've mentioned SOAPM before on the blog, but for those that know, SOAPM is one of the best - if not the best - resource for pediatricians that have an interest in learning the ins and out of … [Read more...]

Expert Advice Part Deux. What To Look For When Considering Office Space For Your New Clinic

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In a recent post, I wrote about what a physician ought to consider when deciding on a site for their new practice. If you missed it, click on the previous post and you will find it. In this post, we are unpacking practical wisdom as it relates to office space. This wisdom, however doesn't come from me (I know. Sorry to disappoint). The practical wisdom comes from Dr. David Horowitz. Dr Horowitz is a pediatrician in North Carolina. He … [Read more...]


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