Benchmarking Evaluation & Management Codes

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With the advent of EMRs, doctors are now able to track, monitor and visualize data that was not as easy to obtain as before. One data set that EMR systems feature, are E/M codes. E/M codes, if you are not familiar with the term, stand for Evaluation and Management. E/Ms are represented by CPT codes 99211-99215. Evaluating your practice's CPT data is highly beneficial because the data reveals insights into the practice. For example, gathering … [Read more...]

Simple Yet Effective Leadership Lesson You Must Learn If You Are A Practice Administrator

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One day, his wife complained that in their 25 years of marriage, he had never told her that he loved her. “I told you when we got married. I’ll let you know if it changes,” he replied. Acknowledging staff members or affirming employees for a job well done doesn't come naturally to me. I'm the kind of person that believes recognition isn't necessary when someone does as expected. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WORK HARD For example, I've heard employees say, … [Read more...]

10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Starting A Project To Ensure Success

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Imagine all of the sudden you decide to go on a camping trip. So you round up your spouse and the kids, jump in the car and head out. No supplies, no route, camping equipment, site, food or proper clothes. When asked about all these things, you respond by saying, "We'll figure it out as we go along." I'm no camping expert, but I know that this is a silly way to go about camping. Talk about a recipe for disaster. But here is the thing... even … [Read more...]

Seven Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Pediatrics Practice Management Seminar


My friends at the Pediatric Practice Management Institute (PMI) have an awesome seminar that you don't want to miss. Why should you not miss it? Glad you asked. I have lucky number 7 reasons why you should not miss this seminar. 1 - YOU'LL BE AWESOMER I know awesomer is not a word. But it gets's the point across. Here is the deal, no matter how experienced you are at managing a practice, there is always something new you can learn. 2 - YOU'LL … [Read more...]

What Does A Convenient Store And A Medical Practice Have In Common? 

The answer is, Cost Accounting. Cost accounting is one of those topics that you either find fascinating (this makes you an accountant) or find it as boring as watching reruns on C-Span. If you belong to the latter group, don't worry. I got you covered. Using a convenient store as the backdrop for the narrative, my friend Paul shares in the video below, the fundamental business principle of cost accounting and how independent pediatric … [Read more...]

Are You Following These 10-Steps Before Terminating A Physician- Patient Relationship?

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This post was originally published on the Verden Group's Blog. Written by Sumita Saxena, Senior Consultant, The Verden Group It unfortunately can happen to anyone: You go above and beyond to provide your patients excellent care with uncompromising accessibility, and yet something somewhere goes wrong and the relationship quickly deteriorates. After trying your best to mend the problem it becomes clear – the relationship has broken down … [Read more...]

5 Sure Ways To Accomplish Little

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Trust me on this one. Follow these five tips and I can ensure you will have a harder time managing your medical practice. Money back guarantee! 1 - DONT WRITE GOALS DOWN It's far better to think about your goals on the drive to work in the morning and then forget them two days letter. Who wants to keep track of stressful things anyway? Besides, you'll only be disappointed 6-months from now when you discover you've only accomplished 4 out of … [Read more...]

10 CPT Codes You’re Most Likely Under-utilizing

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I found myself sitting next to four pediatricians during the hospital's pediatric departmental meeting. The four docs were engaged in conversation by the time I sat down at the round table. They were talking about coding. Specifically about 99213 and 99214. "Do any of you bill level 4s?" asked the one sitting across me. " I can't remember the last time I coded a level 4. I just don't have that many emergencies," replied the doc next to … [Read more...]

A Vital Aspect Of A Medical Practice That Practice Managers Cannot Afford To Overlook

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When we talk about managing our practices more efficiently, we think about negotiating with insurance companies, proper coding, practice financials, revenue per visit, E&M code distributions and a bunch of other objective things. I find it interesting, however, that we put so much focus on maximizing revenue and minimizing cost, but ignore a topic that far consumes our time. And arguably is more important to the "health" of a pediatric … [Read more...]

23 Questions To Ask Before Creating A Finacial Policy For Your Medical Practice

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Written by guest blogger, Mary Pat Whaley Your financial policy is your roadmap and will determine how the practice will handle the collection of patient balances. The financial policy is the document your practice will come back to time and time again. If a question arises, ask “What does our Financial Policy say?"Publish it electronically on your website and physically in new patient packets and have your patients sign it and keep a copy of … [Read more...]


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