Want To Improve Profitability for Your Medical Practice?


When in comes to increasing profitability, I see practices focus their efforts in collecting copayments and patient balances. Others look towards decreasing cost, like buying cheaper paper or going with a cheaper merchant vendor to help boost the bottom line.Both, of course, are important exercises for a business. But here is what I've noticed. There doesn't seem to be an equal amount of energy put towards learning about medical coding and how it … [Read more...]

#8 Key Metrics We Should Use to Gauge the Financial Health of Our Medical Practice, Part II [Practice Management VideoCast]

Chip and I continue our discussion on key reports we ought to be looking at when assessing the financial health of our practices. In this AwesomeCast, Chip and I talk about E/M distribution, specifically the 9921x and how looking at these CPT codes and comparing with each other can provide a lot of insight into the clinic's billing practices, among other things. We also talk about Sick to Wellness ratio. Chip walks us through his process on … [Read more...]

Providing Breastfeeding Services Finally Pays Dividends


Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the politics of the Affordable Care Act, the truth is that there are some things in it that are very encouraging. Among them is a section that talks about insurance companies being required to cover for breastfeeding services. For a pediatric practice, looking to incorporate lactation consultants, this is a good thing. To give us a better understanding of how this part of the ACA works, and … [Read more...]

Leaving a Hospital Job to Start a Solo Practice


Dr. Lois Freisleben-Cook is a pediatrician that started her practice after completing a two year contract with the local hospital. These days, you don’t hear about too many docs leaving hospital jobs to open up solo practices, so I wanted to learn amount what many consider to be a rare, dying breed of doctors. I reached out to Dr. Freisleben-Cook and asked her if I could ask some questions regarding her experience as a solo rural doc. She … [Read more...]

I Don’t Know How Else To Put This, But My Ebook Is Kind of a Big Deal


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know about my e-book, 101 Ways to Transform Your Practice. If you haven’t picked it up (it is free by the way) I wanted to give you a little nudge to do so. Not everything in the ebook is going to work in your practice. But at the very least, I think the ebook will spark ideas that you would have not had otherwise. If you are still not convinced, then let me share this little something … [Read more...]

Medical Coding 101

Dr. Richard Lander, pediatrician extraordinaire and Survivor Pediatrics contributor, was nice enough to share with me a presentation that he created with the intent to inform residents and new physicians a little bit about medical coding. The presentation is not comprehensive and by no means is it intended to replace a good coding class or seminar, but at the very least, it will give you a starting point. I've uploaded the file to … [Read more...]

Free RBRVS Calculator For Your Medical Practice

Medical Office - Compressed

My friends over at Pedsource just published a free RBRVS Calculator based on 2012 data. According to the post, the data is using an annual conversion factor of $24.60. They caution that this number will change sometime between today (12/8/11) and March, 2012. Because the AMA doesn’t let anyone provide a free RVU calculator that includes CPT codes due to their CPT copyrights (booo, booo), the great folks at Pedsource (yaaay, yaaay) created this … [Read more...]

Does Your Practice Employ a Certified Professional Coder?

Written by Jill Fahy When practice managers ask Donelle Holle whether they should have a Certified Pediatric Coder (CPC) on staff, the veteran pediatric coding and reimbursement consultant usually responds with a few questions of her own. “It depends on the office, it depends on how big they are, it depends on what they need,” said Holle. Certified Professional Coders have been formally recognized, through the successful completion of a … [Read more...]

What Does CPR Training and a 99214 Have in Common?


At the practice, we've been going through our share of challenges. As a result, I’ve been a bit unmotivated to do things that aren't absolutely necessary. So when the time to sign up for a coding class came along, I wasn't feeling it. What could they possibly teach me that I haven't heard before? I've heard her speak several times; does she really have something new to say? Should I sign up my doc or is her time better spent seeing patients? … [Read more...]

Pediatric Practice Management Conference

Photo Credit: origamidon

At the risk of sounding like a “fan-boy”  again, I wanted to inform you about an awesome pediatric focused practice management seminar coming up this summer. The seminar is hosted by Physician’s Computer Company and the courses include some pretty cool topics: EHR Panel Discussion How to get Government Funding for EHR How to be Successful in a Tough Economy Top Ten Legal Issues Practices Need to Know Negotiating in the New World of … [Read more...]


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