Benchmarking Evaluation & Management Codes

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With the advent of EMRs, doctors are now able to track, monitor and visualize data that was not as easy to obtain as before. One data set that EMR systems feature, are E/M codes. E/M codes, if you are not familiar with the term, stand for Evaluation and Management. E/Ms are represented by CPT codes 99211-99215. Evaluating your practice's CPT data is highly beneficial because the data reveals insights into the practice. For example, gathering … [Read more...]

Seven Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Pediatrics Practice Management Seminar


My friends at the Pediatric Practice Management Institute (PMI) have an awesome seminar that you don't want to miss. Why should you not miss it? Glad you asked. I have lucky number 7 reasons why you should not miss this seminar. 1 - YOU'LL BE AWESOMER I know awesomer is not a word. But it gets's the point across. Here is the deal, no matter how experienced you are at managing a practice, there is always something new you can learn. 2 - YOU'LL … [Read more...]

10 CPT Codes You’re Most Likely Under-utilizing

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I found myself sitting next to four pediatricians during the hospital's pediatric departmental meeting. The four docs were engaged in conversation by the time I sat down at the round table. They were talking about coding. Specifically about 99213 and 99214. "Do any of you bill level 4s?" asked the one sitting across me. " I can't remember the last time I coded a level 4. I just don't have that many emergencies," replied the doc next to … [Read more...]

Pediatric Practice Management Seminar You Don’t Want To Miss

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The content in many practice management seminars or conferences are either too generic (the one size fits all medical specialty approach) or too specific (subspecialty focused) in my view. As a result, it makes it difficult sometimes to figure out how to apply the lessons from other medical specialties to pediatrics. If only there was pediatric specific seminar, where everybody in attendance speaks your language (the language called Pediatrics), … [Read more...]

Increase Your Medical Practice’s Bottom Line In One Easy Step

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A few months before we opened the practice, we picked up a flyer inviting doctors, billing and coding staffers to attend a coding seminar in town.  It looked like something we ought to go considering we were about to open our very own private practice and had zero billing and coding knowledge. About one minute into the lecture, I was lost. I had no idea what they were talking about. I was merely a marketing guy and had no idea about managing a … [Read more...]

#8 Key Metrics We Should Use to Gauge the Financial Health of Our Medical Practice, Part II [Practice Management VideoCast]

Chip and I continue our discussion on key reports we ought to be looking at when assessing the financial health of our practices. In this AwesomeCast, Chip and I talk about E/M distribution, specifically the 9921x and how looking at these CPT codes and comparing with each other can provide a lot of insight into the clinic's billing practices, among other things. We also talk about Sick to Wellness ratio. Chip walks us through his process on … [Read more...]

Top 40 CPT’s

* Service not performed in 2007 / ** Service did not place in top 40 in 2007

I wanted to share our practice’s top 40 CPT codes. I compared them to last years top 40 codes just to see what would come up. The ranking is based on frequency, not of revenue or paid or anything else. Here it is: A few observations: 99214 made a jump from 5th to 3rd  96110 dropped a spot. But it’s OK since it gave the spot up for 99214, which pays better anyway. 99392 made a jump from 10th to 6th Lots of U/A's relative to … [Read more...]

Increase Revenue By Attending Coding Seminars


The other day I went to a pediatric coding seminar sponsored by one of the hospitals in the area. As I was sitting down, two physicians were chatting next to me. One of the docs said to the other, “…we come to these things all the time. This is probably our 10th year.” The other physician – apparently attending his first coding seminar – said, “Wow! Every year? Doesn’t it become monotonous hearing the same thing year after year?” The other … [Read more...]


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